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Westgate Tyres, for those of you who just want to jump online, tap in the size you need and see some tyres with "deflated" prices!

We’re main dealers for all the top brands and can supply you with tyres from our large stocks at a blistering pace. Just search, select and buy - no registration needed, just pay by card or paypal, then you’re done!

It doesn’t get any easier OR faster than this, if you need any help, email us or call us, we’re always happy to help.

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  • 3 Bars : Premium Tyre. The ideal choice for high performance cars and high mileage drivers - maximum grip and safety!
  • 2 Bars : Standard Tyre. An ideal replacement tyre for most modern cars. Good all round performance with a safe level of grip on all surfaces
  • 1 Bar : Budget Tyre. For the price conscious, budget tyres are fine for normal road use with a compromise on top end grip - ideal for the average small and medium car
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